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85 Year Old Techno Grandpa’s Birthday Party Almost Sold Out

At first glance, it doesn’t really look that unusual. An upcoming techno party to celebrate someone’s birthday is a type of event that we have seen many before. But what makes this event more noteworthy is that the birthday celebrant is not one of the young people you usually expect to be a fan of the […]

Spotify May Be Developing Its Own Music Hardware

After achieving success as an online music streaming service, Spotify may be looking to take the next step. Reports are suggesting that the music streaming giant is planning to introduce its own music hardware. This was bolstered by a recent job listing which announced that Spotify was looking for a senior product manager for “a category-defining product akin to Pebble […]

Listen to 6AM’s Movement Detroit 2017 Spotify Playlist

Movement Electronic Music Festival, or Movement for short, is no doubt the biggest North American underground dance music focused festival. Celebrating 11 years under the current name and direction of Paxahau, Movement returns to Detroit’s Hart Plaza this coming Memorial Day Weekend with a packed lineup of house, tech house, techno and more. Don’t forget […]

Bose Accused of Spying on Its Users

Audio giant Bose has come under fire recently as a lawsuit claims it was spying on its users. In a complaint filed in Chicago, the plaintiff by the name of Kyle Zak seeks an injunction against Bose for its “wholesale disregard” for the privacy of customers who download its free Bose Connect app from Apple or Google Play […]

Medical Care at Electronic Music Festivals

While medical care is not spotlighted much in any electronic dance music festival, this does not discount its critical importance. In fact, medical care is, and should be, a constant in events such as this and others as well. The critical importance of medical care is all the more apparent given the unique environment present at an […]

Is Music Sampling Just Cultural Appropriation?

Music sampling has long been quite a contentious issue in the music industry, primarily due to copyright concerns. Until now, there is still debate whether it is allowable to use a certain part of a song as a “sample” in another song. In recent years years another question being raised regarding music sampling, making the issue more sensitive […]

The Best European Party Countries of 2017

Summer is fast approaching, so why not make it a worthwhile one by taking an unforgettable vacation to Europe, where some of the hottest and most fun parties are being held at this time of year? With so many events happening throughout the continent this summer, it can be daunting to plan a trip there and […]

Gearogs’ Online Marketplace Opens

Discogs has recently opened its Gearogs online marketplace with the site’s beta launch. This is a major development for Discogs which, until then, was just a database of audio equipment. Now buyers can shop for synthesizers, DJ mixers, drum machines, tape machines and more with a vastly improved experience.