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The Guide To Every Electronic Music Genre Ever

Contrary to some popular perception, electronic music is quite the extensive and diverse genre. It can certainly be a daunting experience when you get curious and begin to dig deeper into the genre, although it also becomes easy to get lost in the myriads of sub-genres and blurred lines that separate them. But don’t worry, […]

The First Electronic Music Awards Are Coming This September

Electronic music has evolved in recent years as a genre. Thanks to this evolution, we now enjoy hearing a wonderful mix of artistry and technology that culminate in the creation of energetic, and unique tracks that people get to party to in clubs and music festivals across the globe. We would not have gotten here without […]

D-Sol: The DJ Who is Also the Co-President of Goldman Sachs

Corporate executives are often perceived to be the serious, boring, and snotty types, more likely than not “all business and little fun”, so to speak. With their ties and dark suits, they are the last people one may imagine at a techno or house music show. With that stereotype in mind, it is easy to […]

Sasha To Release “Trigonometry” on Watergate Debut

Grammy Award-nominated DJ Sasha is making his debut with Watergate Records. To mark this milestone, he is set to release a hot track off his GameOvr EP — the long-awaited “Trigonometry”. The EP will also include another original track, the title track “GameOvr’, as well as first class remixes of the track from Cassy and La […]

What’s Really Going On in SoundCloud: The SoundCloud Version

Over the past week, the music industry was hit with the news of SoundCloud’s purported financial troubles. Troubles so serious that many thought the end of the streaming giant was near. It was TechCrunch who first broke the story regarding SoundCloud’s troubles, and it painted a very grim state of the struggling platform. About 40 […]