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What is a DJ?

A DJ is art, passion, the soul of music, the dance floor shaker, a composer, the one with the secret weapon, the one who creates and interprets the soundtrack to your life, the artist who selects the right record at the right time, the fun of the party, a creator of trends, a continual learner, […]

Kraftwerk’s Transportation Rider Leaked and It’s Amazing

Someone has leaked Kraftwerk’s transport rider and it’s both amazing and hilarious, as expected! The iconic veteran German group is currently immersed in a world tour, having just finished a string of UK shows. In recent years the project has incorporated their historic past catalogue with modern technology and art, playing shows around the world […]

What a DJ/Producer Should Do in Case of Theft

For a DJ or producer who has spent blood, sweat and tears to have enough money to purchase equipment and other items needed for their music, theft of such equipment can be a hard loss to bear. The fact that it can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone should be a cause for great concern. […]

Listen to 6AM’s Mamby On The Beach 2017 Spotify Playlist

The Windy City will again transformed into Summer City as Mamby On The Beach, Chicago’s only beachside summer music festival, returns on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25, at Oakwood Beach. The festival will feature a main stage with the backdrop of Chicago’s iconic skyline and Lake Michigan’s shimmering waters. Meanwhile, on the lush grasses of the park […]

Ensuring Nightlife and Event Safety

Security is and has always been an item of first importance that every nightclub, festival or event needs to address appropriately. This is even more so in this day and age with terrorism at the forefront of today’s global concerns, and with incidents unfortunately taking place at nightclubs and music venues throughout the world. It […]

How to Discover the Track the DJ is Playing

Imagine you are at a club or festival and the DJ suddenly drops a real belter of a track that immediately catches your attention.  You want to find out what the track is, perhaps because you’re a DJ yourself or maybe because you are simply that passionate about electronic music. It is something that happens quite […]

Options For Your Old DJ Gear

Technology moves at a fast pace these days and audio/music technology is no exception. Due to this there will come a point when as a DJ you will have to upgrade your equipment for better performance. But unless the DJ gear to be replaced is truly no longer in good working condition, throwing it in the trash […]

Building Your DJ/Producer Team

Being a DJ/producer has often been perceived as a one-person act. People are easy to think the artists do a lot by themselves, not just playing tracks but also handling equipment, getting gigs, marketing, etc. What many do not realize is that DJs cannot do all these alone. That is why most successful artistse mploy a team […]