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Mesmerizing Photos From Burning Man 2017

Black Rock City, the temporary city constructed in the middle of Black Rock Desert every summer in occasion of the world’s craziest and biggest festival: Burning Man. 70,000 gathered in the desert once more this past week for 10 days of full immersion at the annual Burning Man arts and music festival, an event that […]

Growing Your Social Media Presence as an Electronic Music Artist

We have always stressed here how important social media is for an artist to succeed in the music industry today. This is especially true in electronic music, where many artists, especially independent artists, have come to rely on social media to get their music released and be heard far and wide, not to mention using […]

Work Faster In The Studio With These 5 Ableton Hacks

Thanks to its many capabilities, Ableton Live has become an invaluable tool for artists and the production of their music. With so many things the software can do though, it is easy for one to get lost amidst a myriad of features, which can ultimately hinder the progress of music production Fortunately, there are a […]

Only 34.7% of Pills Sold in the U.S. Contain MDMA

A new study by American Addiction Centers has revealed that only 34.7% of ecstasy pills in circulation in the United States contain MDMA. The study is an important one as far as drug safety concerns go, as explained by the AAC in their introduction: “Pure ecstasy includes a single ingredient: MDMA. Anything else has been […]

DJ Double-Barrel: Still Raving at 63

Normally, people imagine a DJ as a young, hip, cool-looking guy or girl spinning the turntables. The popular perception is that the age range of DJs is between 20 and 40, with anyone deep in their 40s considered “old.” Then there’s Bernie Edwards, a DJ based in Bristol in the UK, who goes by the […]

Can an LSD Overdose Really Be Fatal? DanceSafe Speaks Out

As reported here previously, this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival was marred by an unfortunate incident in which an attendee died due to what has been officially ruled as an LSD overdose. The coroner statement has prompted some serious discussions not only about LSD but also about the perceived dangers of this substance. Since, DanceSafe […]

Why Your Personal Look Should Resonate With Your Artist Brand

For any artist, branding is an important element that makes them stand out from the rest. It is for this reason that some go to great lengths in creating that unique brand for themselves and the music they play, from their logo to the way they communicate on social media, and even the graphics they […]

How DJs and Producers Can Market Themselves with Social Media

For many artists and producers in the music industry, social media is a helpful and vital tool that enabled them to reach a wide audience across the globe. Of course, given the prevalence of social media in our day to day lives, this may already seem like a given to most. You’d be surprised, however, […]