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Sasha To Release “Trigonometry” on Watergate Debut

Grammy Award-nominated DJ Sasha is making his debut with Watergate Records. To mark this milestone, he is set to release a hot track off his GameOvr EP — the long-awaited “Trigonometry”. The EP will also include another original track, the title track “GameOvr’, as well as first class remixes of the track from Cassy and La […]

What’s Really Going On in SoundCloud: The SoundCloud Version

Over the past week, the music industry was hit with the news of SoundCloud’s purported financial troubles. Troubles so serious that many thought the end of the streaming giant was near. It was TechCrunch who first broke the story regarding SoundCloud’s troubles, and it painted a very grim state of the struggling platform. About 40 […]

Techno Tattoos: Yay or Nay?

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you love techno just as much as we do. But how much do you really love it? Of course each one of us expresses our love and passions in different ways, but some choose to show it through the body art of tattoos As with any other tattoos, […]

See The Nightclub Built Right Out of An Abandoned DC-10 Airplane

Nightclubs come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, while others have a particular theme or are built in a “unique” location. Gate88 is the latest of these unique nightclubs, made special because it has been build right out of an abandoned airplane. Located in Bali, Indonesia, Gate88 was built right of an abandoned […]

How to Get Health Benefits of Cannabis Without Getting High

There are many reasons for people to turn to marijuana. Besides the amazing health benefits of cannabis, there are social reasons too. From helping people deal with depression to coping with anxiety, cannabis is becoming a miracle drug. With so many health benefits, it makes you wonder why more people don’t use it. One of […]

Solarstone Debuts Dolby Atmos Music Experience at Sound-Bar Chicago

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. has announced that its Dolby Atmos music entertainment experience will make its debut at Chicago’s Sound-Bar nightclub. The Dolby Atmos residency at Sound-Bar will launch on July 29, 2017 with Trance and Progressive producer/DJ Solarstone, real name Richard Mowatt, performing. “Dolby Atmos gives artists the ability to create multi-dimensional soundscapes that deliver an electrifying […]

The Need For Change In Nightlife Security

These days you wouldn’t be blamed for worrying for your safety at a music event, especially with growing concerns over gun violence and terrorist attacks. Sadly no venue is safe as far as these threats are concerned, not even the nightclubs. This year alone saw a number of these incidents happen in nightclubs, such as […]

California Festival Announces Historic Medical Marijuana Zone

Northern Nights Music Festival is one of the most anticipated music festivals of the summer on the United States’ West Coast. This year, the festival celebrates its 5th year with not only more music, fun, and unmatched vibes but also with a historic milestone to celebrate as well. The 5th Northern Nights Festival edition will not only […]